Ebony This is Us Magnet Board

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The Ebony This is Us Magnet Board combines style + function, adding the perfect amount of happiness to any room in your home. 

NEW: Add our real wood 1/4" raised letters to this board for a unique dimensional effect!

"This is us"

Raised Letters: "This is Us"

The Little Details

-Quality printed canvas on a magnetic surface

-Frame is an ebony colored matte finish with a subtle wood grain pattern

-Product can stand on its own or be mounted, deep frame width allows for use of standard hardware, no hooks required

-Dimensions: (Available in 4 sizes)

       12"x 6" x 2" (magnetic - does not come with magnets)

       28" x 14" x 2" (includes 4 circle magnets)

       38" x 19" x 2" (includes 4 circle magnets)

       45" x 22" x 2" (includes 4 circle magnets)

-Made in the USA 

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