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Petal Lane Home Glass Magnetic Dry Erase Board Blank Black 12x16 Desktop with Marker Pen

Glass Magnetic Blank Black Dry Erase Board

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The Glass Magnetic Blank Black Dry Erase Board is beautifully crafted with made-for-heavy-use tempered glass & high quality printed artwork mounted on a sturdy metal backing. Display your documents & pictures with a modern and clean aesthetic. Write reminders, and notes to co-workers or family on the dry erase glass surface. Or, complement any room in your home with a contemporary glass artwork. 

The Little Details

       -Sizes Available: 12" x 16" (includes 2 strong hold circle magnets and one white dry erase marker pen), 24" x 24" (includes 4 strong large circle magnets and one white dry erase market pen)

      - Gold knob stand rods included